Trash bags

We offer a variety of trash bags in any size and colour for the best price.

Bags in stock:

20 L      420x520mm     black     

26-30 L 490x600mm     clear       
28 L      500x600mm     black                
40 L      600x750mm     black                

75 L      650x900mm     black                
150 L    750x1150mm   black                
150 L    730x1150mm   white               
200 L    750x1350mm   black               
250 L    900x1350mm   black               
350 L   1200x1500mm  black   


150L    750x1150mm    orange

150L    750x1150mm    green

240L    900x1400mm    blue


Other sizes and colours will be produced as requested.

Trash bags
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